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Volume ii:
Roots in Universal History

This free online presentation contains the complete text of the book. However, the original book contains an illustrative diagram that is not included in this online presentation, due to technical limitations. It is available in the e-book version, and in the printed version at some later date.

Chapter 1: What Is Universal History?

Chapter 2: Empires and Civilization.

Chapter 2a History through the eyes of a saga.

Chapter 3: Consciously Making History.

Chapter 4: Empires after Rome.

Chapter 5: The History of Ideology.

Chapter 6: The Last Empire.

Chapter 7: Feudal Science versus Real Science

Chapter 8: The History of Perversion.

Chapter 9: The enslavement of children.

Chapter 10: Door to a New Renaissance.

Chapter 11: Dante's overture for a new renaissance.

Chapter 12: The discontinuity principle.

Chapter 13: The Last 100 Years in Universal History.

Chapter 14: The need for self-knowledge.

Chapter 15: The Need for Understanding Universal History.

Chapter 16: Forces for upwards transitions.



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