Discovering Infinity
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Volume 6a:
 The Infinite Nature of Man

Foreword: The Fourth Dimension, of Spirit

Chapter 1: Defining the Four Dimensions.

Chapter 2: The Dimension of Wisdom.

Chapter 3: The Dimension Above Wisdom.

Chapter 4: The Practical Aspects of the Fourth Dimension, of Spirit.

Chapter 5: The Nonlinear Geometry of the Fourth Dimension, of Spirit.

Chapter 6: A Development Option.

Chapter 7: A Dimension for Unmasking Lies.

Chapter 8: The Dimension for Democracy.

Chapter 9: The Separation of Reality from Public Consciousness.

Chapter 10: An Environment to Dissolve Terrorism.

Chapter 11: The Environment to Defeat Political Apathy.

Chapter 12: Where Do We Go From Here?

Chapter 13: The Lord's Prayer and the Key of David.

Chapter 14: A Sample Christian Science Bible Lesson.

Chapter 15: Mary Baker Eddy's "EXEGESIS" on Genesis 1 to 2:1

Chapter 16: The Platform of Christian Science (by Mary Baker Eddy).

Chapter 17: Recapitulation (From Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy).

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