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Volume 5:
 Scientific Government and Self-Government

This free online presentation contains the complete text of the book. However, the original book contains a number of illustrative diagrams that are not included in the online presentation, due to technical limitations. They are however available in the e-book version, and in the printed version at some later date.

Foreword: - Platform for Freedom -

The Nation is Secure.

The unity of Science and public policy.

The Third Dimension of Spirit - The Development of Science.

The U.N. structure for global domination.

The Global Development Structure.

The benefit of working with orderly organized structures for discovery.

Oligarchy versus God.

Man as divine image, versus, the 'little' man.

Scientific government versus Democratic government.

Between "MAN," and "The little man."

The element labeled "IN!"

A definition of anarchy.

Scientific Christianity: A platform for the sovereign nation-state.

Money as a transitional structure.

Universal bankruptcy.

Financial structures based of pseudo-scientific lies.

Healing systems, versus conservatism.

Exploring the structure of Conservatism.

The "carrying capacity" hoax - plagiarism of Giammaria Ortes (1790).

The ^free^ trade of financial derivatives.

The structure of organized international terrorism.

The world-financial system as a structure for terrorism.

The nation-state support structure.

The age old confrontation: Republican development versus oligarchic anarchy.

The nature of money.

Unity of the Truth: The Science Against Political Apathy.

The nature of conspiracies.

A case for extremism.

The connection between the nation-state and physical health.

The infinity factor, a vital component for freedom.

The seven synonyms for God: Gates for redemption.

Threat number 1. The disintegration of the world-financial system.

Threat 2. The disintegration of the monarchy.

Threat 3. The operation of the dope/terrorist networks.

Threat 4. The Anglo-Dutch-Swiss commodity cartel.

Threat 5 Financial feudalism.

Threat 6. Disease vectors.

Threat 7. The anti-technology vector.

In defense of God.

Oligarchism, arrayed against God.

Renaissance, in acknowledgement of God.

Mankind's crown ^versus^ the crown of monarchs.

In defense of mankind's spiritual crown.

Mankind must raise its own crown.

Christ and Christmas - a poem about the unfolding of 'light.'

Science in acknowledgement of a higher power, or God.

The star in Christ and Christmas, a symbol of infinity.

Let mankind wear its crown of dominion!

The end


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