Discovering Infinity
Volume 5:

Scientific Government and Self-Government
a research book by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Foreword: - Platform for Freedom -

Foreword: - Platform for Freedom -

A person or nation is governed rightly only when it is self-governed and the government is based on fundamental law.  The discoverer and founder of Christian Science, in her practice of scientific Christ healing, warns strongly about the dangers of individuals yielding their mental domain to the influence of other persons or agencies, even for the purpose of healing.  For instance, she warns about subjecting one's mentality to hypnotism, mesmerism, or whatever mental manipulation may be in vogue at the time.  She even defines it as a duty for each member of her Church to "daily watch and pray to be delivered from... influencing or being influenced erroneously."*(Manual 40:11)  A question arises from this:  Does this warning also have a political correlative?

Apparently it has.  Self-government is as important to a nation as it is to an individual.  Numerous agencies and institutions have made it their business to control the livelihood of entire nations, even continents.  Were it not for this influence, most of the wars of this century would have never been started.  In modern days this trend has escalated with the introduction of financial globalism and its demand for transparency.  Under this excuse the nations are demanded to undress themselves in public so that the financial speculators can examine their weaknesses more intimately in order to achieve more efficient looting of the nations, against which they are not allowed to protect themselves under free-trade regulations, financial or economic.  This type of 'pornography' has effectively destroyed the very idea of self-government, which is a right reserved only for speculators.  Another trick in the book is to set up binding associations, like the European Union and its single currency.  While these appear to be positive aspects, in real terms they put the nations into a straightjacket, because the union disallows any nation the means for currency and credit creation for infrastructural development and reindustrialization.  The European bond demands that all needed funds be borrowed (rented) from the financial oligarchy in a brand new scheme of feudalism.

Now, the reason why nations do so easily fall pray to external agencies and manipulators, reflects a lack of scientific understanding of the fundamental principles that underlie correct self-government.  Self-government is universally regarded as a 'gray' area where fixed determinations do not apply, where one's answer may be deemed as valid as that of another.  In such an arena any conspirator or manipulator will have a grand time.

But are any there fixed determinants in life?  The answer is, no.  However, one can recognize certain characteristics that are typical and pertain to specific elements of the wide arena of social, national, or international concerns, and one can classify these characteristics according to the principles they represent, or that they violate.

When this work is done, the typical characteristics become more easily recognized, by which more intelligent judgements can be made about their value to oneself and society, or about the danger they represent, as the case may be.  The current trend in individual and public policy is in most cases comparable to a cowboy shooting blindly off the hip, and this frequently at the enticement of others.  One finds little ground for sanity in such processes.  Except, how is one to determine the scientific classification of the social elements in order to establish a basis for a more intelligent form of self-government.  The answer, evidently, lies in applying the structure for scientific development that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered a hundred years ago.

It may seem preposterous to suggest that modern life could be judged by something so ancient, and be correctly governed by its logic.  Except, without establishing a scientific basis for motives and action, how is one to guard oneself from the consequences of failure, and from being influenced erroneously?  Without a scientific platform, true security will never be achieved.  It is logically impossible, for instance, to achieve security by means of a shoot off the hip approach.  Sure, most persons are unwilling to allow themselves to be influenced erroneously, but how is one to prevent it if one cannot be certain what is erroneous, and what is not?

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