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Volume 4:
 Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness

This free online presentation contains the complete text of the book. However, the original book contains an illustrative diagram that is not included in the online presentation, due to technical limitations. It is available in the e-book version, and in the printed version at some later date.

Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness - The Demands of Truth and Justice

Chapter 1: (column 1) Pouring in 'Oil' and 'Wine' versus Thought Control.

Chapter 2: (column 2) Love versus Oligarchism Destroying Humanity.

Chapter 3: (column 3) Love, versus the Destruction of Consciousness.

Chapter 4: (column 4) Love, versus the War on Justice.

Chapter 5: (row 4) Structures of Poverty.

Chapter 6: (row 3) The Scientific Development of Love.

Chapter 7: (row 2) Understanding the Dynamics of Life.

Chapter 8: (row 1) The Environment of Infinity.


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