Discovering Infinity
Volume 3:

Universal Divine Science - Spiritual Pedagogicals
a research book by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Chapter 1 - Foundation for a Renaissance.

**(Revised Edition, 2005)

Chapter 1 - Foundation for a Renaissance.

An almost lost incidence comes to mind that is rooted in America's history. It takes us back to approximately 1903, to the story of woman of a small town in New Hampshire. She had been paralyzed on one side. Her story brings to light the power of the great Principle of Universal Love.

Divine Love is universal love. It unfolds as a practical universal principle. The human dimension of divine Love that should be reflected far more fully in our common humanity played an amazing role in the story of that woman. Her family was destitute. Her home-life had become increasingly unbearable. One day she decided to leave her home, never to return.

As she was walking away she came across a crowd of people. They might have come from the railway station. Curious, she followed them to see what they came for. She felt it might be something extraordinarily important that would draw so many people.

She followed the crowd as best as she could. She found that they had converged on a homestead at the edge of town. She saw a woman addressing the crowd from the balcony of a house. However, as she had been slow in coming. She found herself standing too far in the back to hear what the woman was saying.

When the address was concluded she turned away in tears for this one more added disappointment that in a long string of disappointments had become a way of life for her. She still felt that it must have been an important message that had attracted so many people, which she was deprived of.

While she was hobbling back into town, something happened. As she crossed the street to a vacant lot, probably still in tears over her sad state of existence, she saw a team of horses approaching. She stopped to let them pass. As the carriage passed by, however, to her great surprise she saw the same woman in the carriage who had spoken to the people on the balcony earlier. She also noticed that while the carriage passed that the woman inside leaned forward and looked at her and kept looking at her until she passed out of sight.

While she was still standing on the street she suddenly realized that a healing had taken place in her. She testified later that during this single moment of voiceless communication, aglow with a great love, she found herself suddenly well. The paralysis had vanished. When she returned to her home that day with obvious joy, she found her home situation also healed. She commented later about her healing that she had never before, nor since, seen such love and compassion in any human face as she had seen when the woman in the carriage leaned forward and looked at her as she drove by.*(The Healer: The Healing Work of Mary Baker Eddy, by David Keyston, p.150, published by Healing Unlimited.)

This kind of love, when it is developed, obviously also has an affect on the world. Apparently, it had such an affect. The woman in the carriage was Mary Baker Eddy, America's renowned religious leader, scientist, and discoverer and founder of Christian Science. Her effect on the world may have been far greater than society gives her credit for.

It all began in a rather profound manner in 1866 when Mary Baker Eddy was in a deep personal crisis of her own, facing almost certain death from a spinal injury according to the doctors' verdict. In what appeared to be her last hours she contemplated Christ Jesus' great healing works. From her lifelong interest in the principles of science she reasoned that Christ Jesus' works couldn't really have been miracles as they were commonly regarded, since miracles don't happen in the real world. She reasoned that whatever happens, as miraculous as some of it may seem, results from the operation of an underlying principle. She reasoned that if Christ Jesus' achievements in healing were the result of an underlying principle, that principle would have to be as valid for all times and as effective in her days as it had been two thousand years in the past.

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