Discovering Infinity
Volume 1B:

Crimes Against Humanity
a research book by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Page 168
Chapter 8: Between Hope and Catastrophe.

But really, why should China be the Saviour of the world?  What makes this nation different?  The answer is, that China is culturally well situated to provide this leadership.  It is providing this leadership when the rest of the world is falling victim to the Empire's feudalist ideology and its demands for corresponding economic devolution.  China has been able to stay outside this game because its roots go deeper than the shallow mirage that the Empire puts up.  The United States of America was once a world leader in morally and spiritually based economic development when it had adopted the infinite model of economy.  Ironically, it was forced into adapting the infinite model after the British Free-trade tactics had made the nation bankrupt within the first decade of its existence.  Out of this defeat, the U.S. nation developed itself into the richest, freest, and most secure nation on the planet.  Only after it had enjoyed many decades of this development did the nation fall victim once again to the British Empire by way of the Empire's takeover of its financial system in the late 1800s.  At this point the U.S. nation collapsed back into the state of poverty and social chaos that the feudal system invariably generates, which became known as The Great Depression.

The second time in history when the infinite model for economy was applied in America, or rather was allowed by the Empire to be applied again, occurred at the start of World War II which enabled the miraculous mobilization that was achieved.  While the U.S. nation had many millions of its finest men in uniform, serving oversees, the remaining population was still able, not only to pull the country out the deepest depression in its history, but to create out of this background the greatest economic power and military force in the world.  And all this was accomplished in three short years by applying the self-amplifying and infinite model of economy.  This rededication to the infinite system of economy was allowed by the Empire only for a brief period, as a necessary means to save its own skin from the ravages of its creation, the murderous Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.   The fact that America's brief renaissance was not allowed to continue past the end of the war for which it had been allowed, should cause one to ask why?

After the war was won, any form of meaningful economic development was once again prevented, or was quickly reversed by whatever means necessary whenever it occurred, even if these means included murder, as was the case when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had rekindled the spirit of scientific and technological development under the banner of the Space Program and other projects.

The British Empire easily won its war against President Kennedy who had rekindled a renewed hope for the universal development of mankind.  Once this was done, the door lay open to the Empire by which it won its subsequent wars against the U.S. nation by means of successive cycles of moral destruction that began with the Vietnam war and included many other official and unofficial wars, such as the Contra affair, or the Gulf war, that have altogether eroded the fiber of the nation at its root and laid waste its humanity.

America has become transformed.  It has become known around the world for its fascism rather than for its benevolence for the uplifting of humanity, for which it had once been known.  So, the Empire has won its war against the nation, because neither the nation nor its presidents and parliamentarians, had put up the slightest defense against it.

China has a stronger foundation for its self-defense against the Empire, that goes deeper than even the proud history of the American dream.  It may have been this deeply rooted base that has enabled China to carry forward the banner of self-development while the rest of the world has fallen victim to the forces of the British Empire whose sting even China has felt in many places, but has resisted.

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