Discovering Infinity
Volume 1B:

Crimes Against Humanity
a research book by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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This book is about healing, though not of the ordinary kind.

It all began in 1866 when a little known woman in Lynn Massachusetts lay on her deathbed. The local clergyman had stopped by in the morning on his way to church. Fearing for the worst he promised to return after his service that day and prepare her for death. Can you imagine his surprise when he found her completely well, opening the door for him when he when he came back at noon?

The woman's name was Mary Glover. In what seemed to be her last moments she clung to the realization that the great healing miracles that are reported in Scriptures attributed to Christ Jesus, were not really miracles at all, since miracles don't happen in the real world. She reasoned that Christ Jesus' healing works could only have been the result of the utilization of some universal principles that the man Jesus evidently understood. She may have also reasoned that those principles, according to the nature of principles, must still be as valid in her time as they were in his. While reasoning along such lines she found herself suddenly  perfectly healed. She had been suffering from a spinal injury incurred from a fall on an icy street. The doctors had declared the injury to be hopelessly fatal.

In response to her healing she endeavored to discover what the specific principle is that had healed her, and to discover the science behind it so that it can be applied again for everybody's healing. That is what she did and became successful in. She called her discovery Christian Science and explained its essence as the divine Principle of scientific mental healing.

During the 45 years after her discovery her science became the center of a remarkable development. She practiced her healing science personally by healing others. Often, those were cases in the beginning that the medical profession had given us as hopeless. Also she taught others to heal in like manner, who were thereby able to heal and practice her discovered science. Healers, practicing this science, became active in many places around the world. She also wrote a book to document her discovery. Its tile is, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She also founded a church some decades later to promote the rediscovered element of Christian healing.

Her book was constantly updated by her over the years and was printed in over 300 editions. The healing process that the book stood at the center of became so successful that countless people were healed by the mere reading of the book. Mary Baker Eddy, as the woman named herself in later years after her marriage to Esa Eddy, added a 100-page section of sample testimonies of healing to the book, of people who were healed by reading the book alone. At the time of her death in 1910 Christian Science healing had become an efficient, practical, and respected healing system. However, the healing effectiveness began to diminish. The congregations became smaller. The effectiveness of the practitioners became increasingly precarious. Many churches closed their doors. The amazing examples of healing from the earlier years appeared evermore like miracles. What had changed?

Had the divine Principle of scientific mental healing changed and become less effective than it had been in the time of Christ Jesus or in the time of Mary Baker Eddy? Obviously, a principle doesn't diminish. In this case the question needs to be asked if the human being has changed. Has the human being become more stupid? Evidence suggests that the opposite is more likely the case. Many scientific and technological breakthroughs have been made over the last hundred years. But something had changed that caused the lost effectiveness in healing?

Something had changed indeed. Mankind had increasingly lost its human soul. Under the machinations of powerful empires the 'face' of the human being was increasing ripped to shreds. World War I became a monument to inhumanity that superceded even the atrocities of the Thirty Years War that had been the worst  military horrors in all of prior history.

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