Discovering Infinity

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Volume 1a:
The Disintegration of the World's Financial System

This free online presentation contains the complete text of the book. However, the original book contains a number of illustrative diagrams that are not included in the online presentation, due to technical limitations. They are however available in the e-book version, and in the printed version at some later date.

Prolog - Part 1: Introduction

Prolog - Part 2: The (real) Principle of Economics

Prolog - Part 3: A dialog from a novel

The Disintegration of the World's Financial System

Preface ii - Infinite Development or Impending Crisis.

Chapter 1: A Platform for Understanding the Dimension of the Crisis.

Chapter 2: The link between Economy and Metaphysics.

Chapter 3: The Reversal of Metaphysics.

Chapter 4: On Free-Trade, Privatization, Credits, Exports, and Development.

Chapter 5: What is infinite inflation?

Chapter 6: A Paradox in History: The War Between the Infinite, and the Self-Defeating Model of Economy.

Chapter 7: The Society is Cheating Itself.

Chapter 8: The ugly face of feudalism: Fascism.

Chapter 9: Governmental Budget Balancing: Can It Be Done Conservatively, with Fascism Standing in the Wings? - Focusing on the Process of Healing.

Chapter 10: The Mathematics of The Budget War: Factors of Fascism.

Chapter 11: The 'Metamythical' versus the Metaphysical Platform: Mankind's War Against Feudalism and Fascism.

Chapter 12: The Dynamics of Negative and Positive Growth Systems.

Chapter 13: The Impending Collapse of the World-Economic System.

Chapter 14: An Update on the Ongoing Disintegration.


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