Discovering Infinity
Volume 1A:

The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System
a research book by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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Prolog - Part 1: Introduction

Prolog - Part 1: Introduction

Before we look into the details of why the present world-financial system is collapsing, let's take a wider look at ourselves and our world. From a physical standpoint we live in an incredibly rich world with a near ideal climate for agriculture that gives us the potential to create food resources for several times the present world population. From a technological standpoint we also have the potential to far supercede the potential that the natural environment offers.  Some day in the not so distant future we will have to rely on our technological potential when the next Ice Age cycle disables the world's natural agricultural resources. Thus, the question arises, "why isn't mankind living in a self-made paradise with all these vast potentials at hand?" Such type of question has probably been asked many times already in trying to solve the great paradox of our world, as to why in the background of our vast unrealized potential several tens of thousands of human beings are forced to perish each single day, mostly children, from poverty related causes and easily preventable diseases.

The obvious answer is that the realization of mankind's potential is being prevented. One is tempted here to point to conspiracies as a cause, of which no doubt there are many, but mostly it appears that society should look at the tip of its finger and see where it is pointed, as it is pointing to itself! No external force from outside our planet is manipulating mankind. The tragedies we create and suffer, and those that we have prepared for ourselves, are all caused by us, exclusively. For example, no one from outside the Earth is forcing mankind to build and maintain the tens of thousands of atomic bombs that we have provided for ourselves, which exist for only one purpose, to massively annihilate human beings. Something is obviously wrong in the human equation since the current insanity of bomb building is evident around the world. Many of the world's great nations have the bomb, such as the USA, Russia, China, Britain, France,  India, Pakistan, Israel, and probably some others. The reason why we have those monster bombs 'polluting' our 'backyard' as a human society is probably the same as the reason why our vast economic potential isn't realized so that tens of thousands of human beings, especially our children, are forced to death each single day.

In order to avoid getting lost in the political traps of actual conspiracies, which are probably far too well hidden anyway, let's consider a fictional one that illustrates some of the human failures that we have trapped ourselves in and appear to be unable to get out of. A brief fictional scenario has been included in the Prolog for this purpose. It opens the Prolog and is an expert from the story "Perfidious Albion," from my novel, "Winning without Victory." The fictional story is a dialog between an imperial recruiter and a protagonist, his reluctant victim. The story makes up the first part of the Prolog. The phrase, Perfidious Albion, was not coined by this author. It was a phrase used by a high-ranking imperial official talking to journalists in Germany at the time of the East Timor crisis in Indonesia.

The second part of the Prolog is a non-fictional element that puts the story into perspective with a high-level overview of the real principle of economics, and of mankind's failure in acknowledging this principle. This part was originally created in the late 1990s as a standalone presentation. It is also offered by itself in the form of a small-volume research book. The research book presented here was originally written in the early 1990s, but without the two-part Prolog attached. Many if the financial figures in the book are from this period. They are valid still in that they illustrate a trend rather than today's situation, which is dramatically worse.

It is my hope that this rather unique opening with the double-prolog for this rather extensive research book on economics that is presented here, sets the kind of stage that is needed for an exploration of the hidden processes and failures in principle that stand behind the presently ongoing collapse of the world-financial system. Hopefully, by understanding the processes behind it, the collapse will be brought to a halt before the entire system disintegrates. As incredible as it may seem, mankind is facing a great crisis with the ongoing collapse of one of its chief physical support systems, its financial system. The entire physical economy of the world is hinging on a financial system that has become an empty shell, like a soap bubble that shimmers in the sunlight, but never survives for long. When a rift develops somewhere along its shiny skin, the entire soap bubble disintegrates. Then the fine spray of mist that remains bears no resemblance to what the bubble has been. The result is similar to the pile of rubble that remained of the World Trade Center in New York after 911, which bore little resemblance with what had stood there before. Obviously, the rubble that remained could never be put back together again. That's the warning that one hears about the present financial system of the world that everyone depends on to a large degree.

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